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  • We now stock the "Chrome Polish" range, including fan favourite, PINK!
  • Full range available at great prices!
  • 5" Sat Nav with Dash Camera built in! Available to Order now!
  • Hanno Strapwinder Stocked HereExclusive to us. Beware of cheap imitations!
  • Snooper Truck Sat NavFull range now come with FREE LIFETIME MAP UPDATES!
  • Avtex Truck TV3 Years Warranty as standard!
  • Drive RecorderAutomatically records your front view incase you have a crash or near miss!
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  • 10%
    Hanno Strapwinder
    10% off for a limited time!
    The StrapWinder can roll a strap neatly in just over 20 seconds! The StrapWinder is the ultimate load strap accessory; it's as simple as a fishing reel, having only one moving part and virtually nothing to wear out or go wr...Read more
    £11.99 £10.80
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Star Product£5.99
Chrome Polish - Pink
One step cleaner that dresses, cleans and sheens interiors and exteriors leaving a natural effect finish Can be used internally on dash, floor mats etc Can be...Read more
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SolarconAntron A-99 CB radio base aerial
Superb fibreglass base aerial - We have had one on the roof of the shop for 20 years with NO maintenance! It still works great, and the SWR has never moved, despite gales, snow and ra...
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Glomex TV Aerial
This compact, light and robustly constructed television antenna offers exceptional performance on all television frequencies. Constructed of UV resistant moulded nylon, it will perform f...
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All Ride Digital Tacho Roll Organizer
All Ride Digital Tacho Roll Organizer Store up to 180 days of registration safely in one place....
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Bear Grylls Survival Pocket Tool by Gerber
Bear Grylls Pocket Tool An updated classic, the Pocket Tool is a modern int...
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Chrome Polish - Mega Clean
Mega Clean, a outstanding all round general purpose cleaner there is...
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Chrome Polish - Pink
One step cleaner that dresses, cleans and sheens interiors and exter...
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Truck Wheel Trim security screwdiver
A handy security screwdriver specially made to fit the screws fitted ...
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