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  • We now stock the "Chrome Polish" range, including fan favourite, PINK!
  • Full range available at great prices!
  • 5" Sat Nav with Dash Camera built in! Available to Order now!
  • Hanno Strapwinder Stocked HereExclusive to us. Beware of cheap imitations!
  • Snooper Truck Sat NavFull range now come with FREE LIFETIME MAP UPDATES!
  • Avtex Truck TV3 Years Warranty as standard!
  • Drive RecorderAutomatically records your front view incase you have a crash or near miss!
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  • 10%
    Hanno Strapwinder
    10% off for a limited time!
    The StrapWinder can roll a strap neatly in just over 20 seconds! The StrapWinder is the ultimate load strap accessory; it's as simple as a fishing reel, having only one moving part and virtually nothing to wear out or go wr...Read more
    £11.99 £10.80
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Star Product£5.99
Chrome Polish - Pink
One step cleaner that dresses, cleans and sheens interiors and exteriors leaving a natural effect finish Can be used internally on dash, floor mats etc Can be...Read more
New Products
CS 558 CB Speaker
This is a very handy-sized speaker for CB Radio, phone. PMR or amateur radio use. It will handle 5 Watts power, it is 8 Ohms impedance and its frequency range is 100 to 1500 Hz....
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Trucker 80 Centre-Loaded CB Aerial
The Trucker 80 Centre Load has probably the best performance of all the small CB Radio antennas. This model has slightly better performance than the base-loaded version due to its mid...
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Truck Nut Covers - 10 Stainless
A set of 10 Stainless steel nut covers. Nice finish. Supplied in poly-bag packaging. Available in two sizes 32mm and 33mm. 32 fits most Man. Mercedes and DAF. and 33 fits most Volvo. Renault and...
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Intek PMR 446 Twin Pack
The Intek PMR iTalk T30 PMR 446 Twin Pack comes with everything you need to get going in the world of PMR Radio! They have lots of nice features like CTCSS, CALL, LCD Screen and SCAN....
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Chrome Polish - Window and Glass cleaner
Window and glass cleaner for the remaval of dirt, grease , wax etc f...
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Truck Wheel trim security screws
A pack of 10 security screws to fit most popular truck wheel trims. W...
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Hanno Strapwinder
The StrapWinder can roll a strap neatly in just over 20 seconds!...
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